Flat tire rescue - Amazing Staff
I want to send a Hi 5 Shout-Out to the Amazing staff and response at this dealership. I picked up a nail on my '19 RG Ultra as I was travelling south down I-75 prior to Labor Day. I was pressed for time due to the earlier storms as I was travelling from one customer in Winchester to another in Corbin (on business) intending to meet with my 'posse' early the next day (vacation) to run the 'Tail-of-the-Dragon' circuits. Absolute panic as it was mid-afternoon and thought I'd be S-O-L stranded. State trooper pulled up, no advice except to escort me under an overpass as storms approached and trucks flying by. He gave me the mile marker I was at. I called my Corbin customer (he rides) and he sent me a screen shot of the Man-O-war website. I called Service, Patrick Crosson answered, checked inventory, had a tire in stock! and dispatched Jayson right away; arriving with the trailer in 45 minutes, such a cool dude too. Unloaded close to closing time. Patrick & Christie arranged a Service tech (thanks Josh) to replace my tire and I was back on the road by 6:30, made it to the Corbin plant, met 2nd shift Supervisor by 9pm and was on time early the next morning to meet my group. The staff at Man 'O War is phenomenal and what I thought was to be a catastrophe was quickly averted. You guys are awesome. Always an adventure and I really appreciate what y'all did for me that day, thank you & Ride On !! (Employee: Jayson Womak, Christie Cunningham, Jim Bentley, Josh Bentley, Josh Dewitt)
Duane Snider
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