Great People, Friendly, and Helpful
Was on a long ride; my bike has had issues since the day I bought it (From another dealership). I dropped by Man O'War - thinking they would probably not help or see me. They got me in right away, diagnosed the problem - Which was not caught by my dealership and was life threating as the bike would turn off suddenly. They promptly went to work in find a bike that was safe to ride- per my request. Pooh and Mert went to work, and before I knew it.. I had a brand-new Street Glide without issues, and my payment was less than the 2019 Street Glide. I was safe driving the 4 hours home. I can't tell you how appreciative I am to have such a great dealership to work with. They have a customer for life. Pooh and Mert are the best! My heartfelt gratitude to you both!
David Gardner-Gay
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