Sales Manager
Thank you for helping me with this deal. I have bought numerous Harleys from different dealerships and this dealership is by far the best of the best. I only went in for a hat while passing through from Maryland and ended up with this brand new 23 RG CVO. I am coming off a 21 Street Glide Special and could not wait to get back on a Road Glide. I stopped in and just joking around about buying a new bike. After a little bit of talking Bobby and Jonathan were able to put numbers to paper and the rest is history. Bobby and Jonathon make the dealership. We were there for a bit and lost valuable riding hours since we came down there to ride. Jonathan went out of his way to ensure our group had dinner on his dime. That was totally awesome since the fact that I wasnt even sure the deal was going to go through due to the time of day. You can have a huge dealership that looks like a museum (Daytona/Black Hills Harkey), but if the the GM and sales manager dont treat you well it does not matter. What a great experience! I definitely recommend you stop by and give them a chance. I live 627 miles away and will be back hopefully to get them to put on a HPI exhaust. (Employee: Bobby Napier)
Robert Quirk
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